Lootboy Card World of warships free Emden Cruiser

World of Warships: Tier 2 Premium-Cruiser Emden + 2.000.000 silver
With this code you get as a new PC-player the link for a starter package at World of Warships including the cruiser Emden and additional 2.000.000 silver!
About htis game
Become a commander of your very own warship and conquer the seas in a hugely popular massively multiplayer online action game. Amass a great naval fleet of 200+ meticulously recreated vessels from the first half of the 20th Century, including the most iconic warships of both World Wars. Engage in large-scale battles on massive maps with dynamic, gameplay-impacting weather. Take the help of American, British, Japanese, German, French, Russian/Soviet, Italian, Polish, Commonwealth, or Pan-Asian banner on ships from four classes that each offer unique styles of play while you level up important tech modules and rule the waves.
Key features:
This ship served as a multipurpose protected cruiser of the German Navy. Compared with the lead ship, she had a different type of propulsion. She carried numerous rapid-fire artillery of a relatively small caliber, and was well protected for a ship of her type.
The Tier 2 Premium Cruiser Emden is only available for the new players on PC, so register directly at Wargaming.net.
System requirements
Operating System: Windows 7 x86 Processor (CPU): Core2Duo 2.7 GHz (Core2Duo E6750)/AMD Athlon II 3 GHz X2 250 (Athlon II X2 250)/Mobile Intel Core i3 2.5 GHz (i3 3120M) Memory:2 GB Graphics Card:Nvidia GeForce 8800GT/9600GT/IntelHD 4000/GeForce 620M/AMD Radeon HD 4650 Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible Free hard disk space: 60 GB Internet connection speed: 1024 Kbps or better
Your personal entry
use the code here:emden [Just follow the link]
Set sails!
Visit the website.
Creat a new Wargaming.net account.
The reward is automatically credited to the new account.
The code is valid until 12/31/2019.

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