Lootboy Code for Coins and Diamonds

–Lootboy Codes Page–

Here you will find the codes for the lootboy website with these code(s) you can get;

  • Diamonds (special card collection)
  • Coins (or gold for the regular lootboy cards)
  • other extras such as merch or game stuff!
So if you like to get the most out of free codes and stuff, consider bookmarking the page!
Check this website for regular updates, codes will update when given!

lootboy november edition

It is also possible to buy premium cards you can buy them for €0.99
but you want Free loot!

That is why you are here!

So take a look here to see what Free Codes we have for you!

your site for free gamez and code!

Other Deals on Games

read them here!

lootboycomic 181019
read the new comic here>>

Comic Code[s]


 —redeem here

EXTRA Code[s]

l007b0yl0v3 5 Diamonds 

HappyDay 10 Diamonds 1000 Coins

futurestars 10 Diamonds 2000 Coins


THANKYOU 40 Diamonds 


Code[s] for new user only!
Discord500    500Coins
Welcome500     500Coins

How to redeem lootboy codes

Go to https://www.lootboy.de/, click on the first upperleft button, the one to the right of the Lootboy logo. Then click the Code to Redeem or Code Einlosen button, the orange one, type the code and click on Redeem or Einlosen (orange button)

your site for free gamez and code!

Diamonds and Coins without codes

You can also get some diamonds or coins just playing, without codes:
  • Collect your daily Lootcoins 150 coins every 24 hours!
    • Click on the upper left green button!(named daily! hint)
  • Scrap cards for 100 coins each
  • Special golden lootpack:
    • once you have opened 10 premium lootpacks
    • you need diamonds to open premium lootpacks

  • Read the comics for 350 coins each(see below)
  • When visiting the Lootboy website check out the comic section! for every comic you read, you can get an additional 350 lootcoins, one will be added every Friday.

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